Better Safe Than Sorry



With all the negativity in the media lately with regards to devices suddenly exploding you have to ask yourself, where are these people going wrong?

There are a few answers to this question that I’d like to cover. Most are obvious but unfortunately not obvious enough to the unsuspecting person just getting into vaping or seasoned vapers looking to push the limits of their gear.

It all starts with the shop, the people on the front line, the people we put our trust into. Daily I see customers come into the store where I manage at Railway City Vapes confused about their device they just purchased at another store.

I hear the same thing over and over again. “I was sold this and hurried out of the store” Almost always it’s a higher end device with improper batteries which tells me the store and staff are out to make a quick dollar and either don’t know their batteries they are selling or simply don’t care. Or we get the real scary incidents where new vapers come in holding a beautiful new shiny mechanical mod with no clue of the possible dangers that can come with this type of device without knowing the proper safety guidlines we must follow.

There is too much wrong with this picture. It’s imperative the staff knows everything about the batteries, ohms law, safe resistance of builds and the device along with the person they are selling to.

Too many times I have had customers arrive with a wad of cash looking to buy that beautiful mechanical mod in the showcase. Just because they have the money does not entitle them to purchase this mod. There needs to be questions asked with answers in return. What build are you looking to run with this mod? What batteries do you plan on using? What’s the proper way to transport batteries? Explain ohms law to me. If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable as the employee with their answers it’s your job to refuse the sale and point the customer in the right direction to learn all the information needed to safely use such devices. With that said lets go over some Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to battery safety:


  • Know what the information on your batteries mean. Amp Limit, Voltage, Milliamp Hours, battery type
  • Research your batteries against a reputable tester. Things may not always be what they seem. As of late companies are misrepresenting the actual amperage of the battery.
  • Know ohms law and proper builds that won’t put your battery under stress
  • Purchase reputable batteries from reputable retailers
  • Always transport and store your batteries in a hard case or silicone battery sleeves
  • Check your battery wraps. Any little nicks or rips in the wrap will require a new battery or your current battery needs to be rewrapped if the battery is still in good condition.
  • Keep an eye on your batteries while charging
  • Replace your batteries at the first sign of them NOT working as they use to when new.
  • Always check the orientation of your batteries. Especially in a mechanical mod.
  • Marry your batteries. If using more than one battery in your device make sure they are purchased, used, and charged at the same time every time


  • Don’t use batteries with damaged wraps or dents
  • Never place an exposed battery in your pockets, especially with loose change or keys
  • Don’t leave your batteries in your vehicle
  • Don’t subject your batteries to extreme temperature Hot or Cold
  • Don’t let your batteries come in contact with moisture
  • Don’t build below your batteries minimum amperage
  • Don’t over discharge your battery

Practice, Teach and Preach Battery Safety

Remember. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Safety is far more important than feeling embarrassed

If we follow these Do’s and Dont’s we ensure our safety and the future of Vaping is in good hands!


This Guest Blogger – Brandon Krug

I live in St.Thomas Ontario. I’m a 32 year old father to a combined family of 7 children. I’ve been vaping for 4 years. I currently manage Railway City Vapes and own Railway City Vapor Co. In my spare time I enjoy playing all types of sports, coaching my kids and tending to my Saltwater Aquariums. I am a member of the Dragon Mod Co., team and I’m also helping out the CVA with this much -needed website.  Battery Safety is important to us all.